Why This Project

Most HIV/STI prevention messages are for cis (non-trans) persons, even though the trans community is disproportionately affected by HIV and STIs. It's time to address this type of structural discrimination by informing ourselves, by taking charge of our healthcare knowledge. It's time to love ourselves and empower ourselves to be healthy and stay healthy!

Sex—Your Body

This page has a little information about trans bodies in the language we use to talk about our bodies. We talk about the characteristics that make your body unique. We understand that it's sometimes hard to feel good in one's body, but we want to give you information that will help you take care of what you have no matter where you are on the path to self-actualization—rock your body!

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Sex—Your Activities

Trans persons can be as vanilla or as kink as anyone else, and we want you to celebrate whatever activities you like! In this section, we discuss a few activities and what you may need to know about them in order to positively manage your sexual health!

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Sex—Your Risks

Sex is fun, but we all know there can be negative aspects, like the risk of contracting HIV or an STI. Here we give you some real information about risks, and how you can reduce your risks and still have fun!

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It's important that we improve data about how numbers of trans persons, and what their identities and behaviors are. We encourage everyone to answer two quick survey questions to help us collect basic—anonymous—data about the community and how we have sex.


We make it easy! About once a day, a pop-up display will ask how you identify and how you have sex. Just two questions! We would greatly appreciate it if you would let us know each time we ask.


Want to know which HIV/STI testing locations are affirming to trans persons? Our list of testing sites will tell you. And we want you to tell us if your experience is not what it should be! Drop a note on our Trans Health Forum or at our Contact page.

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Trans Health Forum

Have questions or comments about safer sex practices? Drop them here and we'll answer!

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A number of people and organizations contributed to making this site possible. We here extend our thanks to all those who both had the confidence and the vision to work with Trans Pride Initiative in the realization of this project.


Our funders.

We thank the individuals and organizations who have provided funding for this project, some of whom have supported the work through their suggestions, encouragement, and other participation. We always appreciate those who support our work through contributions, whether financial or other means.


Our models.

This project is built around the empowerment of visibility, of our voices, and of our actions. For that reason, we are deeply indebted to those who allowed their images to be used for this project. Thank you all for being visible and for being your true selves. Our community near and far is better because of you.


Our photographer.

Our photographer, who took many of the shots for the promotional materials for this project, created some excellent images that captured the fun of some in our community, as well as the intensity and power of some of our best local advocates. We are indebted to the contributions of Terry Allen for his work in this regard.


TPI Board.

Members of the Trans Pride Initiative Board of Directors and contributed meaningful and timely comments on the design and content of the web site as well as the development of the promotional materials being distributed to let the community and public know about this new resource.


Graphics design.

We much appreciate the work graphic artist Hana Choi contributed to the development of the project. Although employment prevented her from finalizing some of the artwork, her contributions helped define the final look and feel of the site and promo materials, for which we are grateful.


Our community.

Last but never least, we thank the many, many voices, trans and ally, who stepped up when asked to review and comment on the language and the topics covered on the web site. This project is a true cumulative effort from the voices of trans persons not only in Dallas but across the nation. Thank you all for being you, and for sharing your voices!

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